Our clients are the most important part of our business! 

We respect their confidentiality so below you will find a few of our success stories but we can’t tell you exactly who they are... and we love to keep you guessing.


Something unique in custom chocolate -life sized electronic product made in chocolate - 5 piece mold - they said it couldn't be done - we did it and it has been remembered for years


LPGA sponsor needs waterbottles for volunteers - all the careful planning did not prepare them for the heatwave - 500 bottles delivered with a new logo in less than 24 hours


Pharmacutical client repeats pens several times throughout the year - we suggest planning for a 1 year supply and ordering the pen overseas - allowed for better use of budget dollars - more items for less money and more creative pen options/logo options


Pharmacutical full colour calendar - in plastic - most people said the graphics could not be produced on the item - we had a new one designed and made using a different process - the graphics were stunning and the product had staying power meaning the brand was visable for 24 months!


Medical supply company wants to get noticed and be memorable at their trade shows - we dressed them up in  race car suits around the time of the INDY - then as chefs when they brought in a "chef" guest speaker - to soccer players and more recently as TEAM CANADA with Maple Sugar candies for a memorable hand out at a "Canadiana" themed show...  FUN UNIQUE MEMORABLE