• Promo Product Showcase March 22nd at Bingemans 9am - 1pm

    Promo Product Showcase March 22nd at Bingemans 9am - 1pm

    Wilson & Wilson is pleased to be hosting the Promotional Product Showcase at Bingemans.

    There will be 170 lines of Corporate Wearables and Promotional Products represented.

    Hope to see you there.

    Hours 9am - 1 PM

  • Fundraising - Farley Foundation

    Fundraising - Farley Foundation

    This past year the Farley foundation raised over $255,000 and the unique and useful promo item they used to promote this great cause was a pet bandana.  We worked closely with the foundation and you can see the  bandana above - It looks great and was a huge hit!    It is shows how promotional products can be effectively used to assist with fundrasing efforts.

    The Farley Foundation has been raising money to help low income pet owners to assist their pets in need.  It is a great organization that has helped over 8,400 pets since its inception in 2002.

    Check them out at  www.farleyfoundation.org



    Custom Socks - yes these are super fun and popular!  We were able to reproduce the Gnome for Dejero on these nice dress socks.  One of the best things is that these are actually made in Ontairo, Canada so the lead time is minimal.  With custom socks we can knit many designs, stripes, dots, gnomes you name it.  If you logo is super detailed we can do some sublimated socks - longer lead times - but great for detail - let us help you put your best foot forward with custom socks!

  • MOVING!!!


    We have moved to a new and larger showroom!    New address 125 Bedford Road, Kitchener, ON  N2G 3A3  - side entrance.

    Off to a great start for 2017 - check back soon for more posts.

  • TACOFEST - support your community and have a great time doing it!

    TACOFEST - support your community and have a great time doing it!

    Tacofest -  July 4th, 2014  

    A great local event that mixes tacos & craft beer while supporting Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More, a local charity who works for seniors and adults with disabilities.

    Check out that beer sampler glass in the photo - finding the right promotional item for the event...

    Hope to see you there!


    Remember - its not about what is new or hot!  It as about who you are and what you want to accomplish that really matters.  We don’t view promotional products & corporate clothing as “products”.  These are tools we use to help you, your event or your brand get noticed.  Our job is to find the right tool to accomplish that.  It may be new, it may be old, it may be retro but it will work for you!  

  • stage door clothing that rocks - a bare naked success

    We had a busy fall and suddenly spring is here!  Its a bad excuse but we have been so busy making sure our clients look good through the holiday season we didn't have time to post.

    Recently one of our clients needed some "thank you" type merchandise for one of their customers.  But they needed it yesterday.  So something cutting edge - cool looking - in less than a week....

    Classy, subtle but in your face.... How do we do that?

    Tone on Tone - larger laser etch -and black - it is the entertainment business.

    Our client was thrilled with the result. 

    The customer loved them and they wear them!!!

    We would love the opportunity to get creative for your brand or company - give us a call!

    We will be posting more often over the next few weeks - so check back - will be touching on some tech ideas in the next few posts

  • Client Logos at Work

    Our client recently sent us a few photos of their staff wearing their "gear".  

    Check out the hat - shows the company logo in full colour.  The shirt has the logo in a clean crisp white turned side ways on the sleeve.  He even has a company lanyard around his neck.

    The staff wear the shirts on site but like wearing them anytime as they do not feel like a uniform.  What you don't see in this picture are the other "touches" we put on the shirt.

    Laser etched website.

    Laser etched on back hip area of shirt.

     These "touches" are subtle but added to the overall look of the shirt and the staff love to wear this item.

    The logo/brand is represented well but not in the "company" colours.  Yet on the hat we have the logo in full colour and on the lanyard - and they look great.

    Even the staff having to do the survey work were in branded clothing.

    Instead of putting them in a shirt & vest we put them in a safety shirt so they only had the one garment to wear.  On this piece it was very important to have them identified as survey staff - so we put the logo in full colour on the sleeve with the survey staff title.  They had great looking lanyards (full colour branding)  to show the ID badges.  The staff loved the white hats in the sun they were working in. 

  • Making your logo work on textiles

    As I am sitting in the office looking back on the trip to the wineries, I realized that these companies have spent many thousands of dollars developing a logo/brand/image.  That logo may look good on paper or a label or in the digital world - but it does not always translate well into looking good on a garment. One of the strengths that we have at wilson & wilson is that we are really good at taking companies brands/logos and getting them on to garments that customers/employees want to wear.  At 4 out of the 6 wineries we visited  they had staff wearing branded clothing - they made me think of a big box electronics retailer and a lawn care company - not one reflected the brand or image I think they would want for their brand.  Over the next week I will post some images of work we have done for clients where we are using some new (and old) decorating techniques but finding ways of logoing garments in such a way that people want to wear them. 

    -logo placement on lower hip and on forearm - using laser so no colour involved

    on lower back hip - just the icon laser etched overlaid with their website embroidered

    how do you get a logo BIG on the back of a polo shirt and make it subtle enough the person wearing it wants to wear it - we laser etched it and just added a small touch of embroidery

     a nice place for an accent logo - on the collar -laser etched


    these are just quick phone pictures - we would love to show you what we can do in person

  • Wine Tasting - VINO2GO -

    We went wine tasting on the weekend! What a great time and relatively close to home on the Niagara Escarpment. I never knew we had such a great wine industry here in Ontario.  Thanks to Andre for starting our lessons on teaching us to become "cork geeks" and not "wine snobs". The adventure this weekend has led me to post a great wine related item  - its like a wine "sippy cup"!  Have a look!

    You can also see it here.

     Looking forward to a few more trips back to Ontario Wine Country.


  • Kicking It Off

    Whats New or Whats Hot - Who cares!  Who you are and what you want to accomplish is what really matters.  We don’t view promotional products & corporate clothing as “products”.  These are tools we use to help you or your brand get noticed.  Our job is to find the right tool to accomplish that.  It may be new, it may be old, it may be retro but it will work for you!  

    Check back to this blog as we will be posting things that catch our eye and think will interest you!