• Making your logo work on textiles

    As I am sitting in the office looking back on the trip to the wineries, I realized that these companies have spent many thousands of dollars developing a logo/brand/image.  That logo may look good on paper or a label or in the digital world - but it does not always translate well into looking good on a garment. One of the strengths that we have at wilson & wilson is that we are really good at taking companies brands/logos and getting them on to garments that customers/employees want to wear.  At 4 out of the 6 wineries we visited  they had staff wearing branded clothing - they made me think of a big box electronics retailer and a lawn care company - not one reflected the brand or image I think they would want for their brand.  Over the next week I will post some images of work we have done for clients where we are using some new (and old) decorating techniques but finding ways of logoing garments in such a way that people want to wear them. 

    -logo placement on lower hip and on forearm - using laser so no colour involved

    on lower back hip - just the icon laser etched overlaid with their website embroidered

    how do you get a logo BIG on the back of a polo shirt and make it subtle enough the person wearing it wants to wear it - we laser etched it and just added a small touch of embroidery

     a nice place for an accent logo - on the collar -laser etched


    these are just quick phone pictures - we would love to show you what we can do in person