• Client Logos at Work

    Our client recently sent us a few photos of their staff wearing their "gear".  

    Check out the hat - shows the company logo in full colour.  The shirt has the logo in a clean crisp white turned side ways on the sleeve.  He even has a company lanyard around his neck.

    The staff wear the shirts on site but like wearing them anytime as they do not feel like a uniform.  What you don't see in this picture are the other "touches" we put on the shirt.

    Laser etched website.

    Laser etched on back hip area of shirt.

     These "touches" are subtle but added to the overall look of the shirt and the staff love to wear this item.

    The logo/brand is represented well but not in the "company" colours.  Yet on the hat we have the logo in full colour and on the lanyard - and they look great.

    Even the staff having to do the survey work were in branded clothing.

    Instead of putting them in a shirt & vest we put them in a safety shirt so they only had the one garment to wear.  On this piece it was very important to have them identified as survey staff - so we put the logo in full colour on the sleeve with the survey staff title.  They had great looking lanyards (full colour branding)  to show the ID badges.  The staff loved the white hats in the sun they were working in.